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Cutting Carbs and Calories at Lunch

Smart ways to rethink your brown bag

Does Autism Risk Reside in Cells' Energy Engines?

Study suggests genetic variations in the DNA of mitochondria may up risk for developmental disorder

Health Highlights: Aug. 23, 2017
  • Jury Awards $417 Million in Baby Powder Case

Health Tip: Avoid Motion Sickness

How not to get 'car sick'

Health Tip: Camping and Cooking Outdoors

Suggestions to prevent food poisoning

Steroid Pills Usually Ineffective Against Bronchitis, Study Finds

Research shows that, like antibiotics, these drugs won't reduce duration or severity of symptoms

Close Friendships in High School Make for Happier Adults

Meanwhile, popular kids may end up with more anxiety later, study suggests

Did You Damage Your Eyes Viewing the Eclipse?

Experts say cases always arise after these events, and here's how to tell if you were affected

Doctor-Patient Dialogue May Boost Use of Blood Pressure Drugs

Physicians in poor neighborhoods should ask about employment, relationships, study says

He Complains She Shops Too Much -- And Marriage Suffers

Study finds one spouse's views on the other's spending can bring conflict that undermines relationship

Health Highlights: Aug. 22, 2017
  • Jury Awards $417 Million in Baby Powder Case

Health Tip: Get Moving and Stay Active

And improve heart health

Health Tip: Heat and the Elderly

How to stay safe when temperatures rise

Longer Prescriptions Make Opioid Abuse More Likely: Study

Doctors should prescribe for the minimum numbers of days, researchers say

Meditation's Soothing Effects

3 easy ways to explore this mind-body technique

More Evidence Contact Sports Can Affect the Brain

Some changes in structure, chemistry seen in college athletes who take hits during play

Health Tip: Keep Your Sponge Cleaner

Here's what you can do

Health Tip: Prevent Dehydration

How to avoid a summer threat

Hernia Patients May Need Fewer Opioids After Surgery, Study Finds

After repair, smaller prescriptions led to fewer pills that could be diverted or abused

Wellness Visits for Better Well-being

Prevention is still the best medicine

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